Banana Kush is an exceptional and extremely famous US strain. Following quite a while of adjustment we can offer this assortment currently as feminized seeds.

Banana Kush is a cross between an OG Kush and a Banana, an assortment of Sensi Seeds that was just a single year available.

Banana Kush is passed in the United States just as a clone, we got by a companion and expert raiser two world class clones and crossed it back with an OG Kush and a unique Banana. More than a few ages and a more drawn out time we at last chosen this strain and hereditary work of art.

Banana Kush can be developed inside and outside and consistently creates solid and productive yields. You can anticipate incredible yields and the best Premium weed after a short blooming season of 8-9 weeks. She creates 450-550g buds per m² and outside 550-700g per plant.

The smell and taste of Banana Kush is amazingly extraordinary and helps you to remember Canarian bananas: exceptionally sweet, fruity and fragrant. Banana Kush has a tremendous strength and force. Ongoing research facility tests demonstrated a THC substance of 25%

The high of Banana Kush is euphoric and conveys a radiant state of mind. It is the ideal weed for unwinding with companions and having a good time. The High can keep going for 4-5 hours.

Banana Kush is utilized as a clinical plant for help with discomfort and the treatment of sickness, a sleeping disorder and helpless hunger. This strain is suggested for night or evening time use.

The plants of Banana Kush gets medium tallness with enormous leaves. The buds are thick, splendid green and covered with huge loads of shimmering gems and red/yellow hairs. Banana Kush requires a decent lightning, controlled taking care of and managing to get the best outcomes. The blooming time is 8-9 weeks. In this time the strain becomes colossal and weighty buds.