There are entire aisles in drug stores dedicated to herbs or medicines that claim to promote sleep, however, people still have difficulty getting a good night’s rest. As legal cannabis spreads across the country, there is suddenly a new option for many that might be the solution they’ve been looking for.  

Sleep issues are one of the most common reasons. We have helped thousands of people with varying issues that prevent them from achieving a restful night’s sleep. Through research and customer response, we’ve gotten a lot of great feedback as to what is helpful, and the common issues people run into.

Depending on the situation, we find that there are a few different things that can be beneficial. For some people, combining high CBD and low THC can be very calming and relaxing. Some find high THC can be “heavier” and more sedating, and others will find that an equal combination of the 2 together is most effective.

Since everyone’s issues with sleep are so different, we find that the approach and product that is most effective will be a little different for everyone. Unfortunately, there isn’t a silver bullet product that works across the board. At IX, we have at least a dozen different products that we regularly recommend to people depending on what seems to be keeping them from a sound night’s sleep. There are many ways to consume cannabis, and they all have different benefits. For some people, the long-lasting effects of an edible product like a capsule or chocolate can be very beneficial. For others, the precise level of dosing that a CBD tincture offers is most effective. Some people find the immediate onset of smokable products is most helpful.

For many, it’s anxiety that makes it tough to turn off our minds as we lay there trying to fall asleep. Whether it’s the stress of the day or the thoughts of what we must do tomorrow, or that commercial jingle from the 90’s that you’ve never been able to shake! In a situation like that, we often find that high CBD products can be beneficial, as they can be very calming and relaxing. We have many products, whether smokable or edible, that fit this description it’s often a matter of trying a product to see how it works before we dial in the right potency and dosage. 

Pain is another very common issue that keeps people awake at night. If you are tossing and turning at night unable to find a comfortable position, there is little chance of getting a good night of restful sleep. Cannabis is remarkable in that it works with how our body naturally deals with pain. CBD works at the site of pain and can help to reduce inflammation. THC more specifically targets receptors in the brain where it can modulate our brain’s response to pain.

Our body will send signals letting us know that something is wrong, triggering a response in the body. If that signal is being sent constantly or intensely it’s not doing us much good, we know something is wrong. When taken properly THC can regulate the way our brain deals with and perceives pain. We also find THC is more effective with nerve pain. Some people will be able to simply apply a lotion to deal with location specific pain, while others may find that the full-body relief of an edible or tincture is most effective. If pain wakes you up in the middle of the night, we often find that the immediate onset of a smokable product can be the most beneficial to help you get relief quickly and get a few extra hours of sleep.


The major thing to remember is that there are both immediate and cumulative benefits to cannabis; we’ve found that consistent use of a product will increase its effectiveness. Make an appointment with one of our consultants so the core issues of your sleep problems can be addressed, and remember to start low and go slow.

Thanks for reading my post, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to write us.